How do Fashion Bloggers Afford their Clothes?

Creating a fashion blog and attracting lots of readers need a lot of time and work. But when it comes to buying expensive clothes and accessories, that will need thousands of dollars in spending.

Can you really use a fashion Blog to make enough money to afford your clothes spending and all the needed tools?

There are thousands of blogs, many of which have a long list of subscribers and readers. So they use many tactics and ways to generate income and live the way they want. But unfortunately, many beginners need to learn how to manage a blog and run a business.

Therefore, the question is how fashion bloggers generate funds to cater to their usually huge spending budget; clothing and accessories.

They get their clothes using these ways

Affiliate marketing

First, one of such identified ways is through what is known as affiliate marketing. This involves a fashion blog signing up as an affiliate of a clothing line or fashion house to help promote their clothing line and accessories. That could be done through their blog, putting pictures of recent fashionable clothes belonging to some known brands on their blogs for their audience to read and click the images.

Once a sale is made for that company through the link, the blogger is then paid a decent commission.

Banner advertising

There is also banner advertising on their blog through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). That is, for every visitor to the fashion blog who clicks the picture of any style or cloth on the blog and then is taken to the company’s website.

The blogger earns a small commission. While Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) means for every person who signs up with names and other contact details on the website through the blog, the blogger earns a commission for leading them on.

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Google Adsense

Bloggers also sign up for Google AdSense. Where Google puts related advertising content on their blog for the audience to click. Now, based on the ranking and traffic, the blogger can earn good cash to cater for his clothing and other expenses.


Another way a great blog makes money is through endorsements. A popular blog with just the right audience and high traffic is a hot seller. That’s because fashion & style companies are always willing to offer clothing lines and cash to endorse their brand, advertise their company, or promote their events on their blogs.

Public relations

Some fashion houses and promoters also get these blogs to do public relations for them by always promoting their corporate image. It has gotten so good that famous bloggers are paid to write for publications on their fashion column to attract a readership of those publications.


There are also so many other ways bloggers make their money. By making YouTube videos about selected fashions, they post pictures on their Instagram, Facebook wall, and other social media platforms to drive traffic to their blogs.

Once visitors to the blogs read their posts, see their fashion and style sense, and get advice on fashion-related issues, over time, the blogger becomes trusted by these visitors. Consequently, the sales can begin, leading to repeated sales.

It sure sounds and looks easy to make it as a fashion blogger. But in reality, only two out of every ten fashion bloggers are likely to stand out and earn a full-time living with the oval office and a glass window facing the seaside.

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Most fashion bloggers will only work once they fizzle out because it is a highly competitive market. That niche market is already oversaturated with people who need more money to build a fashion blog.

In addition, they need to acquire the regular change of clothing and accessories. That is required before they become popular enough to receive free clothing lines as part of the endorsement deal and the funds to attend most fashion events, photoshoot sessions, video events, pay for blog maintenance, and more. It sure is a lucrative but challenging world! At a point, some give up and close up shop.

History and industry of fashion blogging

Blogging began over two decades ago and was more a less like a column in a newspaper spurning out write-ups on topical issues either in a particular area, the field of study, or based on current affairs, news analysis, or more.

The use of websites was most popular then, as blogging left little or not so much to be desired. At that time, it was unfamiliar terrain; most people were gradually getting used to the idea of either creating a website or building website content.

It wasn’t so often people were seen taking to website content development as a full-fledged profession, let alone talk of blogging.

Again, most of the popularly known websites as of two decades ago were mainly company websites for marketing of company goods and services to the outside world as well as a form of status conferral.

It took another decade and a half ago for different professionals to own a website for their businesses, and then the idea of blogging gradually became popular.

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It was so rare then for an individual to claim that their source of livelihood is tied to blogging.

Currently, there are a lot of people who have taken blogging to an all-new level and are making huge sums of dollars, running into millions annually.

A fashion blogger basically uses their blog to tell the fashion tale, promoting different styles and shapes for different audiences and events.

A fashion blog often deals with trends and styles in the fashion industry. It talks about the known names of fashion designers or celebrities that adorn a particular fashion designer’s outfit for a specific event.

A fashion blogger also plays around with fashion accessories, the biggest and latest fashion events, and gives beauty tips, how-to’s, matching clothes, colors, etc.

Aside from the entertainment industry and sports, one other industry that pulls enormous spending is the fashion industry. The fashion industry attracts a large spectrum of readership and followers, from the runways to the various designers and their designs that seem to dot the globe.

This is also made more glamorous as celebrities from both the movie and music industries are known to adorn these known brands and are copied by other members of the public.

The fashion industry holds a lot of promises for a fashion blogger who knows his onions as with the right attitude, focus, content, and proper traffic generation will attract just the right audience to his blog.

To attract this audience, the blogger must have put so much into ensuring that when they visit the blog. They will find precisely what they need to make the blog an easy sell and keep them always coming back.

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