How to Find Someone’s Address by Cell Phone Number

Do you desperately need to find someone’s address or location on the map using their mobile phone number? Then welcome as we explore some of the best tools to keep a family member or friend out of hiding or locate a loved one using their smartphone number.

Undoubtedly, the advent and continued advancement in mobile technology hold a lot of benefits for society. And one of such is the ability to keep a tab of friends and loved ones at any time. The other benefit is its ability to help you locate wherever your mobile phone could be in the case of a theft. Here is what to do when you misplace your phone, it gets stolen, or you need to locate someone’s location using their cell phone number.

Finding where people live (not real-time)

It’s challenging to make a pick because you would find a lot of interesting location-checking apps or websites in the market today. But you can check these two websites out due to their exceptional operations, ease of use, and extensive database:

Reverse Phone Lookup

Some sites have been in business now for years, with more than one hundred thousand subscribers and billions of records in their database to aid search. With this type of search service, you can locate friends, loved ones, and others within your network. With an account, you can run a premium search for below $25 monthly. You can have access to a person’s location by simply checking with the name, email address or cell phone number, and any other details you have.

The websites have a feature that allows you to do a cell phone search with reverse phone lookup. The feature helps you get the person’s location and so many other details, plus public records.

The good tool has conducted millions of checks within the USA alone since its inception. With access to billions of records across the US, the site can help you get a person’s location using the cell phone number and name. It goes even a step further to provide far more details than just the person’s home location if you need more.

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Using the GPS phone tracker tools

Using GPS Phone tracking applications provides an excellent, simple, and cost-effective way to track a person’s cell phone number anytime. With it, you can monitor your loved ones or kids for security reasons. The GPS tracker makes it possible for campers to keep in touch and avoid getting lost during a camping situation in the countryside.

The GPS tracker works by identifying the person’s cell phone location using the Global Positioning System. That means if a person turns off or does not enable GPS location, you might not be able to use this tool. It offers a free and professional version.

So, depending on your level of needs and the options you seek, if not, the free version of the GPS tracker could just do it. Also, the GPS tracker works on almost all devices or smartphones, including your tablet, Android, Windows Mobile, or iPhone.

GPS tracker is on the Google Play store in case you need to download and install it. All you need to do to track a person’s number after installing the App is to enter the number into the search area. And within seconds, you can access the person’s location from your device.

Some of the drawbacks of the GPS tracker lies in the fact that the first GPS must be enabled on the device. The other is that the person can spot the App in the list of running programs or Apps on the cell phone. The other challenge with GPS trackers is that it consumes a lot of energy. So your use of the device only depends on how strong and long the person’s batteries can last.

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Interesting features for location tracking apps today

  • Some of the key interests that drive people’s choice of the app to use include:
  • Geo-fencing features
  • Ability to restrict apps or websites with adult content.
  • Ability to obtain certain keyword alerts.
  • Anti-theft features
  • Call blocking or blacklisting features.

Besides the above features, businesses may like additional features to help improve employee performance and reduce distractions while at work. Such tools include:

• GPS tracking devices to secure employee accurate location.

Website and app restrictions for most social network sites such as Facebook, Skype, Instagram, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Most companies restrict access to after working hours to help employees concentrate.

Now, this must be really serious! Why would you desperately need to hack a person’s cell phone to get their location? But if it’s to get back your stolen phone, then this might help when you send a bug to the phone, how?

You need a hacking link to pull this up. The link usually has a bug or worm, which you can send via text message to the specific cell phone number. To get the hacking link, visit any text messaging app or site. Your text message must sound convincing or have the needed appeal to make the person click the link. Once you can succeed with this, it should auto-install the bug on the person’s device.

Next, from your own device, you need to switch the person’s GPS on if disabled. Congrats, now you can check the person’s exact location.

However, you would be faced with more drawbacks than you might be able to handle. First, the person’s phone needs to remain on to start and complete your task. If the person does not click on your message, the whole process fails. Lastly, anytime the person resets or restores the phone to factory settings, your bug dies.

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Using Facebook

Facebook provides another avenue on how to find someone’s location using a cell phone number. All you need to do is to access the Facebook page and do a search by inputting the cell phone number into the search box.

If the cell number forms part of what was used to create the account, then it would bring out the details of the person with a relationship with that number. It will also show the location of the account used on the status line as long as the person enables location on the account; most people do, anyway.

However, the drawbacks to Facebook include the fact that if it is not the number the person uses on Facebook, you can’t track the location.

Getting a person’s cell phone number might pose some challenges, as we have discussed here. You might not likely be able to access a person’s cell phone number if the location feature has not been enabled on the phone.

The good news; most people enable GPS location on their phones. Also, in most cases, you would need to install the app on the person’s phone. And that means the app has to be hidden from the person’s view to avoid noticing to delete the App.

On the other hand, accessing someone’s location via cell phone offers so many benefits too. But you must exercise some restraints when doing a check, depending on your purpose. Some of the methods you could adopt, such as installing Apps or tracking software in a person’s cell phone without permission, could come with implications.

Without permission installing an App on another person’s cell phone could land you in trouble with the law. Most countries have laws governing how you access and utilize people’s private information, so you must be sure of the measures to take before commencing.

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