How to Check if a Phone Number is Spam

Is there any way to check if a phone number is spam? And what if the number looks normal, but it hides someone with annoying telemarketing offers or even a scam? Now, there is always a way to know if a person who is called, even if that happened in the past, is a Robot or somebody you know.

According to the latest statistics, the average number of monthly spam calls is 14 per person. This means an increase of more than 105% from the previous year. That’s not all; the number of nuisance calls keeps going and never stops. These robocalls use all the advanced technologies to find numbers and hide their real identities. In other cases, callers will just change numbers and even hide their ID to get into your landline or cell phone anytime they want.

How do I know if a phone number is spam?

Lookup the phone number

The first thing that can tell you for sure if the phone number is a scam or real is by identifying it. And by using a good tool for that, there will be the name of the person behind it and his address. The phone lookup tools like Intelius offer more details than regular search engines combined. That’s because they have many algorithms that combine public data with private databases from different sources.

That makes identifying a spam phone number a matter of one search. Then, there will be the name behind it, with social profiles, emails, and other personal details. If that’s a scammer, the tool will list the available information about them.

Because the available phone number lookup sites are not all the same, you need to use the right one. It should respect your privacy and never share your personal details with others. Many sites offer free reverse lookup for both mobile and landline numbers. But when seeing the report, the user will be asked to sign in with his Google account, which will import all his data to the servers, such as his contact list. So, be careful when you use any site that offers free reports. It’s not free of charge anyway.

Not everyone likes typing a phone number on Google and finding a long list of details and pages about it. But that can tell if that’s a spammer or someone with a real address and identity. When you search for a phone number on a search engine like Google, you’ll see the related information.

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Also, you can tell if that’s a scammer or an annoying caller. In addition, there is a chance to find others who have already reported them online, and that’s a good thing. So, next time you see a strange number in your call log or bill, just use a search engine and see the person behind it.

To get better results when searching for someone’s number with Google, make sure you add quotes to the number like this example:

“415555555” or add the (+1) if there are no details

Try social media sites

If you prefer using a free way to reverse lookup a suspicious phone number for free, then try Facebook in the first place. And then switch to other sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Facebook, for example, can find users by their number, and if the member is not blocking that option, you can find them fast. These social networks offer different search options. And if someone has been talking about a bad phone number there, you’ll see it in posts or comments.

LinkedIn is another social network for professionals that you can search to identify phone numbers. Unlike other sites, LinkedIn is more advanced, and it keeps people’s details well-organized. Besides, big numbers of users can share the list of numbers of the latest spam callers. Thus, by scanning that report, you can see if the unknown caller who tried to reach you is another spammer or not.

Add a call blocker tool

This is, by far, the best way to get rid of spam phone calls in landline numbers. There are many tools that people can install next to their residual telephones. That way, each time someone calls, the hardware can show you if that is a spam number or a legitimate caller.

When that tool is connected to the Internet, it filters the spam calls reported by millions of users in the US. Then, it will only let legitimate callers ring. Of course, there will be, from time to time, a new spam number from telemarketing or robocalls that’s not been discovered yet. But in most cases, this method works well in the United States.

For mobile phones, add any of the well-known caller verification apps like TrueCaller or others. But don’t give them your details; otherwise, you’ll just see the caller’s name and expose your identity to them.

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Instead of that, think about searching for trusted spam call-blocking apps that can be installed on iPhone for fees. And be careful when adding an app that claims to block spam callers on Android for free.

Many of these tools never work, as there is no real maintenance and update behind them. In fact, a free application won’t be good and secure without the right resources and a developer behind it. In addition, only paid tools can identify unknown callers and show the real name behind the number or ID.

Be careful with international numbers

If you’re located in the USA, and you get calls from unknown international calls from any county, then, don’t answer before you verify the number. Everything starts from a conversation, and there are many scammers who extract very personal information through a phone call simply.

They can pretend to be princes from other countries. Or they can look like rich people from another continent who need small fees to get the money that a fake bank holds, etc… The list of lies that many phone scammers use never ends. And it’s your personal responsibility to identify any number you don’t recognize. That’s crucial, especially if you receive calls from countries that are known for spam and fraud.

Spam vs legitimate callers

Here is how to check if a phone number is spam or real. Sometimes, even legitimate phone numbers can be used by a spammer. And that’s a real issue that lots of people struggle to deal with. It starts with an ordinary caller who pretends to be someone else with a spoofed number. Then, they’ll try to take the telephone conversation further, which can become harassing and not only a scam.

On other occasions, people reported attempts to steal their identities from scammers. Those bad guys asked for a number about national ID, driving licenses, or even national security codes. And in all cases, no one should share any of that data under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, many of those who don’t take their online security seriously can easily be targeted by those online scammers from time to time. Now, how can you find the difference between a legitimate person on the phone and another one who is hiding his identity and ID for spam and other things?

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How to sport a spam phone call?

In reality, there are many ways to catch spammers on the phone and identify them. For example, if you’re on mobile, and someone called with no caller ID, then, don’t answer or even think about that. It will be another annoying caller if it’s not more than a bad guy.

Additionally, remember that you can add a phone number identification system to your existing landline. So, when someone calls from a spam number, he’ll be blocked immediately. Also, make sure you have a good phone number identification App on your iPhone or Android device. That can save you time and effort trying to see who they’re.

That being said, it’s not a smart move to answer every call from someone who may start to congratulate you because you won a fake gift.

There are no gifts on phones, ladies and gentlemen. These scammers know how to pick the right time in crisis and attract those in need. Or they may find the right time to scam others who suffer from financial difficulties. So, when a victim answers their calls, they’ll sell them fake services or things that do not exist.

Next time, never ever take the phone and say hello when the number is hidden. Also, don’t waste your time with guys from other countries on the phone. Most of them have nothing for you more than spam and annoying calls. Now, if you pick up the phone and the number looks real, but the guy or lady behind is suspicious, then hang up immediately and reverse lookup that number.

Finally, report the caller to local authorities, so others can get rid of them next time. That’s how people can fight against spam callers and report them faster.


Using the above solutions can help you to know if a phone number is from a spammer or someone who is real. That being said, many options for phone number lookup can only work for landlines. And for mobile phones, they’ll require a small fee for showing the full report. So, always start with the freeways to identify unknown callers. Then, use a paid tool if you find no details behind a suspicious cell phone number.

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