How to Find out if your Husband has a Secret Facebook Account

Do you have doubts that your husband is hiding a secret Facebook account? And you need to know how to see that profile? In this guide, I’ll show you the best ways and tools to search for your partner on Facebook and uncover that possibly hidden profile. Men, like women, create secondary accounts on social media for different reasons. So, when you want to search for them, some methods work better than others, let’s find out more.

How to find your husband’s hidden social media accounts

In order to find your spouse’s hidden Facebook accounts, you need to have some information about the person. Make sure you use the following search methods the right way. But if you get no search results with Google and other sites, double-check the name you searched for. A small spelling issue scan brings the wrong details, including social pages.

1. Use social media search engines

TruthFinder is a good solution for this. This new type of search engine crawls billions of web pages and sites to find every single detail on Facebook and other networks, including the dating platform. What you need is one of your husband’s details to find him on Facebook without asking for that. That could be his full name, email address, or any phone number he uses.

The advantage of these systems is that they collect data from multiple sources and not only from public databases and sites. That way, it’s always possible to uncover new accounts on Facebook that Google is not aware of because that is a hidden page. Thus, the deep web scan can help you to find your husband’s secret social media accounts faster.

In addition to that, many data leaks can list usernames and accounts in someone’s name. This means you should definitely try this search type because it works. Even if you can’t see any of your husband’s Facebook profiles, you may be able to find his other details and accounts on other sites.

Another advantage of using social media search engines is that they can help to find someone on Facebook that is unsearchable. In other words, if that person has no traces on Facebook or Google, these technologies can find the accounts in other ways and through data sources.

2. Find his account by email

Many advanced search engines have this option. It allows you to find hidden profiles with an email address; all you have to do is use any of these tools. Next, type the same email your husband is using, and start the search by clicking the button.

If the system finds Facebook accounts associated with your husband’s email address, you’ll find them on the list. There should be a section for social accounts where you can see all the hidden accounts in your man’s email.

A reverse email lookup can also identify users on many websites and show pictures and associated information. So, it’s like a complete background search that’s done online without the need to waste time.

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3. Find their FB with a phone number

Intelius is a great example of a search engine that has a well-built algorithm. It can search huge databases and crawl Facebook for hidden accounts in your husband’s phone number. So, make sure you type the correct number without the country code. Next, validate and wait for the scan to be done. After that, see if there’s any mention of Facebook in the report, and click on that username.

That way, you don’t only view the username of that person on Facebook by their cell phone number but also all the other accounts on social media. For example, you can get their Ingram profile URL, TikTok, and more when that’s available and a public record.

4. Type his name in Google search

This should be the first option to see if your husband has a secret account on Facebook for free. What you can do is visit the Google search first, then put the first plus last name of your man in the search box. But wait, you should also add the word “Facebook” just after his name. Otherwise, Google will show you any page that contains that name, and you may end up browsing thousands of pages of other people.

The main reason for using Google in the first place is because it’s the biggest search engine first, and second, it can crawl Facebook profiles and index billions of details about users. So, it makes sense to start searching Google for your husband’s other Facebook profiles you don’t know about.

Google has also introduced a new way to search by text and image in 2021. So, you have the option to upload one of your husband’s pictures and add words like Facebook. Next, see if the search results include one of his Facebook accounts.

5. Try a PC or phone monitoring tools

To find out what websites your husband is on for free, look at his devices. There should be a history of websites the man visited and used. The same thing applies to the guy’s phone, which could show you the apps they installed, like Facebook, and the websites they used.

Anyone can use a program that monitors smartphones and PC’s visited websites and see everything the person does there. But personally, I don’t recommend using any of those tools unless you’re 100% sure you should find your husband’s hidden Facebook accounts.

That’s because using any software that intercepts what users do on social media and other sites like OnlyFans comes with high risks for both sides. In fact, many websites claim to show you everything your partner does on his phone when they spy on him and you at the same time.

Therefore, I don’t think you should spy on your husband’s phone to see if he uses a secret Facebook profile behind your back. Instead, start with the above ways first, and see if they work for you. After that, you can try these web browser activity monitoring tools and see if you find good reviews about trusted programs online.

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For an iPhone, for example, you can browse the app store and see if there is any app to find out if he’s cheating, but always read the reviews and don’t just install any of them.

6. Check out his browser history

By checking your husband’s web browsing history on his iPhone or Mac’s Safari, you should be able to see the list of sites he visited. However, if your man has cheated in the past, he’s probably aware of the risks of catching him cheating on Facebook messenger. Consequently, he’ll eventually clear his browser history every time he uses that secret Facebook account.

Even more, many guys use incognito mode on their web browsers when logging into their secondary Facebook accounts. So, give this trick a try, and when you see a list of sites in the search, only focus on “” and see if there is any username you don’t recognize.

After that, put that username in Google search and find if there is any other linked account on social media sites.

The challenge here is getting access to your husband’s phone without showing that you have doubts. So, try to find yourself an excuse to use his phone. Then, follow the following steps depending on what OS he has.

For iPhone

Always check if there is a Facebook app installed on his phone or not. If you see that App, click on it. Then, look if there is another account already signed in. Or, try to log in and see if there are other usernames and login credentials suggested by the iPhone password manager tool. If that’s the case, then there is another Facebook account your husband is using.

Now, to check your spouse’s browser history on his iPhone, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Safari icon and click on it
  2.  Now, you’ll see the last site your husband visited in normal mode (visible). So, click on the double window icons to see all the sites as follows.
iPhone tabs

After that, just swipe up and down to see the list of windows your man visited on his iPhone’s browsing history.

You can also click on the” Private” mode icons to switch the search. When you see any mention of Facebook, click on it and read the page. Maybe you’ll find another account he uses secretly.

In addition to that, you have the possibility to find all the sites your husband is visiting from his Safari App. Here is how to do that:

  1. First, open the Safari app on his iPhone
  2. Find the small “book” icon at the bottom of the screen and click on it
His iphone search history

Next, you should see the “Bookmarks”, “Reading list” and the last one will be the browser “history”. Click on the last one, which is the “clock” icon.

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Now, there will be a list of sites, including, that your husband visited. So, if there is any account he’s using, you may see it on the list.

Husband's Facebook on his Safari search

For Android devices

Similar to iPhone, if your husband is using an Android device, then find the Facebook App on his phone and click on it. Also, you can click on the Google Chrome icon to view the search history. To do that:

  1. Click on the Three dots at to top right corner of the screen
  2.  Find “history
  3.  Browse the sites your man has visited, and you may be able to find that secret Facebook account

7. Find Facebook accounts by picture

Believe it or not, this is one of the best methods to uncover secret accounts on Facebook. However, you need to use a trusted search like Social Catfish, which has a sophisticated reverse image search engine.

Start by uploading a clear photo of your husband, preferably a headshot one. If you upload low-quality photos, that could make the search longer and not as accurate as with a high-quality picture. Next, use the list of results and see if there is any Facebook account found on that picture.

Meantime, when your husband is not using the same photo on Facebook as his main account, you need to think about that and find a new photo that could be used there.

8. Get the answer from your husband

This may sound confusing because you’re asking someone if he’s using a secret Facebook account behind your back. But believe it or not, there are many occasions when men, like girls, create other accounts on social media and forget about them for a long time. So, when their partners see that hidden account, many questions start bubbling into their minds. So, why not ask your husband if he has any other profile on Facebook you don’t know about?

He might be using a secondary account for his job and another profile for his family and friends; who knows?

By asking your man directly about his secret, or, let’s say, forgotten social media accounts, you can get enough answers to all your doubts. That way, you understand the reasons why the married man would use a secret Facebook account, and also, you’ll clear things up in your marriage.


These are the best ways to find out if a husband has other secret Facebook accounts or not. Try these options and find what your man hides as a profile not only on Facebook but also on other social media networks as well. But of course, it’s always recommended to keep your marriage healthy without complicating things and causing more issues just because you have doubts that your husband is hiding a profile or more on Facebook.

I hope this helps; if you want to add other tips and ways, make sure you type them in the comment section below.

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