How to Make your Boyfriend Happy Over the Phone

If you’re trying to make your boyfriend happy over the mobile, he needs to be able to pull the feeling from your words if you’re texting or messaging. 

That’s more challenging than actually giving him a call so he can hear the joy in your voice, which will, in turn, make him content. You can do this by sharing a laugh, flirting, or expressing how much you care for him.

When you’re stuck with merely messaging, there are many creative ways to make a guy smile and be happy. Most platforms offer GIFs, emojis, stickers, and various memes you can send to represent your mood or emotion in the current moment. 

With countless stock images, it’s not only somewhat easier to produce feelings from your messages, but sometimes it’s all you need to represent your thoughts. Let’s look at a few tips on making a partner happy with the phone.

How to make your man happy over the phone

Fewer people interact in person, so much anymore. While everyone’s lost without a mobile, not many people use these to make a call. More people use written communication than verbal or face-to-face. 

If you want to cheer up your boyfriend with words, there are countless messaging platforms aside from the texting capacity on the mobile. That means people must learn to make their emotions and expressions known in these contexts.

In today’s world, no one needs to visit people in person or call them on the mobile. You can simply send a message or text and essentially have a full-blown conversation, complete with images from varied resources that help depict your viewpoint. 

When your boyfriend is working, or perhaps you have a long-distance partnership, it becomes necessary to find creative ways to communicate and methods for bringing him joy and happiness. 

There are so many ways to make your boyfriend feel better over text. For example, When using messengers or texts, many partners will ensure their mate receives a good morning and good night message. The idea is to ensure you send them off on the best footing for their day and help them settle in for a restful night of sleep, especially if you can’t be together. 

There are many resources offering stock images, stickers, or emojis with the intention of adding personalization to your content, so there is emotion attached to the text. 

It can be sentimental to bring feelings of love, funny to make them laugh, or sad if you’re missing them. As a rule, you want to make your boyfriend happy, so when he thinks of your messages and contact with you, it brings him joy. 

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How can you ensure that he’s happy with your mobile connection? Let’s see if we can figure out ways to use a device to bring joy to another person.

Make arrangements for time together

You can easily make your boyfriend happy on the mobile by discussing arrangements for the next time you’ll spend together. If you have a long-distance relationship, perhaps you’re planning a visit sometime soon. 

Or maybe he’s coming home, and you’re excitedly discussing the plans you’re making for while he’s there.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be an in-person visit when you have a distant partnership. You can make arrangements to be “together” in different ways. Video chat is ideal for setting up dinner or movie dates whether you go to a favorite restaurant or choose to have an evening in. 

You might have a favorite program you enjoy together once a week with popcorn, and the lights dim side by side on the couches, almost like you’re in the same room.

It’s also possible to invite parties with each other’s friends so you can meet people who are important to the other person. Just set up Zoom conferencing with everyone meeting up for a Friday night “cocktail hour.” 

You can make all the arrangements and surprise your guy by setting up with the people he’s introduced you to while visiting him and then arranging with your friends. Then make sure everyone signs on at the same time.

Reminisce over a romantic evening together

Making your man happy over the phone is not that complicated, even when you might be a long-distance couple. Or perhaps your boyfriend has minimal time to spend going out or seeing you because of a tight schedule. 

Set aside some time when he’s through with his day that you can wind down from the day. That will not only help him to relax but bring him peace and contentment.

While chilling out, you can start to reminisce about some of your romantic escapades when the relationship was new. Go further into detail about some of the more memorable dates you’ve shared and what made them so.

It’s the ideal time to learn what your partner first noticed about you and what he looks forward to down the road.

Talking about the future and what it holds is bound to make him happy, a time when the two of you will be able to come back together in the same space and spend quality time as a couple again. Try also to be romantic to your boyfriend on the phone by selecting your words carefully, trying to make the discussion enjoyable, etc…

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The mobile is the ideal format for uncomfortable discussions

That doesn’t necessarily mean disagreements; it can mean things you might not feel comfortable sharing when you’re together, fantasies. 

Sometimes couples feel somewhat uncertain about sharing with the partner things they would like to explore sexually with them. Instead, they’ll go unsatisfied. 

Texting, messaging, or even speaking over the mobile allows a more comfortable platform to share, which will make your boyfriend happy because when you open up and allow vulnerability, he will feel comfortable doing the same. 

Then when you do come together as a couple, you won’t feel inhibited but feel free to try the things you each want to enjoy as a mature, consenting adult couple. 

Regarding disagreements, sometimes couples are more comfortable discussing problems that bother them in a text or message. Often, they will reveal more on this platform than if they were in person because they know there’s no fear of a confrontation or possible conflict because everyone is calm and having a civil discussion.

That can make most partners much happier and the relationship healthier because many couples will continue the conversation until there’s a resolution. 

Send him cute texts throughout the day 

Now, this is how to cheer up your boyfriend when he’s stressed through text. You want to let your boyfriend know how you feel about him, no matter if he’s a long distance from you or enduring an intense schedule that disallows you from being able to see him. 

You don’t want him to be unhappy or stressed throughout his days. Still, there are ways to bring him joy with various texts sent throughout the day and evening – not inundating him – simply periodically to refresh his mood. Some messages that would brighten his day can include:

  1. Let him know how grateful you are because he’s in your life.
  2.   Express the fact you miss seeing his brilliant smile and lovely face.
  3.   Thank him and tell him how much you appreciate all that he is and has been for you.
  4.   Try to explain the magnitude of the love that you feel and that it comprises more than love but friendship and admiration for who he is.
  5.   Explain that you are inspired in your own life because of his continued encouragement and motivation.
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Show him he’s a priority 

In many circumstances, your man may not feel good because of life issues, work, or other things. Also, when you fight over the phone and stop calling or texting, there are ways to fix that. To make your angry boyfriend happy in a long-distance relationship, try to dedicate time to him through chat or video calls.

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend is a distance away from you or apart from you for other reasons, and your only form of communication is via the mobile; it’s up to you to show him that he is still your priority. 

The ideal way to do that is to give of your time. If we haven’t learned anything in this world, we all know that time is our most valuable asset. 

When you give your time to your man, he will know he matters more. That means setting aside moments to watch the movies, have dinner, and say goodnight. 

These might be video chats or teleconferences. But you’re setting aside sufficient time so it can be just the two of you for as long as you both want to spend together. That will make your partner happier than anything else – your time.


Now you have some ideas on how to make him happy when he’s sad. In many cases today, partners live long distances from each other with minimal in-person contact. A lot of the interaction is done with mobile or using messenger platforms and texting. It can be challenging to make a boyfriend who loves you happy with a phone call because when he hears your voice, the instant feeling is he wants to see you.

There are tips and tricks to give him the next best thing using video chat, Zoom conferencing, and all the technological advances that help us stay connected to those we love regardless of the distance. With these innovations, you can enjoy movie nights together, play games, and enjoy dinner out.

Nothing is ever going to compare to in-person contact. Couples need that physical intimacy. You can make each other happy by counting the days until you can physically be together again, or you can find a way to make that happen sooner rather than later. That’s the ultimate happiness.

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