How to Take Care of your Boyfriend or Husband when He’s Sick

When a guy tells you he’s sick, you can take care of him by sending text messages or doing other things to make your boyfriend or spouse feel better.

Being ill is the worst. Not only are you miserable, but all activities you enjoy come to a halt, plus you need to miss productive time at work. What’s worse than being sick yourself is when your partner is not well. 

It’s a given that a boyfriend will always think they get the worse end of the deal when it comes to having an illness or overall feeling poorly. The good thing is a partner has the opportunity to take care of the sad man making him feel good as new in no time.

You just need to get past the rough exterior. A man can be gruff and push their attitude at you when sick. The adage that follows along the lines of people are usually only the hardest on those they love is especially true when you’re dealing with an unwell partner. 

The best you can do is recognize that the behavior is not personal. It’s a temporary situation based solely on being miserable. However, you also don’t need to take abuse, making it necessary to speak your mind if a boyfriend is being a little too mean-spirited. 

Let’s look at ways you can be most helpful to your man when he’s sick and unable to get out of bed. Also, let’s find out what guys want when they are sick. So, you know how to talk to them and offer the best assistance.

How can you take care of a sick boyfriend?

When your boyfriend comes down sick and faces challenges, even including the notion of getting out of bed, you’ll likely look for ways that you can help him out. You can do numerous things when a partner is incapacitated. But the first thing to check out is that your partner wants assistance. That’s what guys want when they are sick, in the first place.

Of course, your kindness will be appreciated and respected in most cases. Still, there are some proud people out there. It makes it necessary to at least check before just diving in and cleaning up an apartment when a husband might not want you doing that. 

There could be things he might want to keep private. Yes, perhaps even from his significant other after infidelity-related depression or other reasons. Let’s check out a few ways your partner might find you an angel of mercy.

The boyfriend is devoid of and over-the-counters

Getting back to a good state of health can be challenging if you’re not seeing the doctor and taking the necessary precautions to feel better. You can offer to set up an appointment with their doctor and then pick up any prescriptions the doctor orders. 

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You can also shop the pharmacy section to purchase natural remedies to assist with working his way back to a healthy life. Look for vitamins and supplements. Perhaps cough drops, if that’s a symptom, herbal fever reducers, and help with nausea. 

It will likely take you handing your partner the adequate dose of the varied supplies and making sure he’s taking it when he’s supposed to. But it’s worth it if it will help him to get better. 

If you fill-up the medicine cabinet, these items can act as preventives when there are instances of not quite feeling the best in the future. Instead of working into full-blown sickness, a husband can head the problem off. 

Ask specific questions

As a girlfriend or a wife, you may be wondering whether guys like being taken care of when sick or not, and the answer is Yes. Like anyone else, men appreciate your willingness to help them in critical circumstances.

Too often, people lend help when someone is sick by saying, “let me know if I can help” or “is there anything I can do.” No one will ask anyone to take care of the things they’ve been letting go of while they’ve been down and out. 

As a wife or girlfriend, you need to ask specific questions when looking around their place. If you notice the dishes are piling up, ask if you can wash them up in the kitchen. 

Additionally, when you see the floors becoming messy, ask if you can vacuum through the apartment or mop. If there is a mound of laundry in the corner, check if laundry is something that your spouse will need help with. 

These questions will be more readily answered with a positive response and appreciation for your offer than a generalized question that no sick person can answer without feeling as though they’re imposing.

Try to create a comfortable, soothing atmosphere

Often being ill creates an atmosphere of stress and anxiety for the sick person. Your boyfriend is likely experiencing excess pressure about missing work, tasks that need taking care of and worrying about getting back to normal. That’s a common issue when your partner works a lot, travels to other cities, etc…

It’s essential to try to assist with easing some of the stress because that can contribute to feeling worse instead of making gains towards feeling better. 

Keep the lights dim in the room with the curtains and blinds drawn with a few candles and some soft music to keep the atmosphere soothing. Also, ensure the pillows are fluffed and your husband has sufficient soft and comfortable blankets. 

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Try to keep either a warm hot pad or a cool ice pack always available to ease symptoms. It’s important to keep strength up with whatever nutrients can be consumed and hydrated with as many fluids as possible. That will not only make your partner feel better, but he’ll love you more for what you’re doing. That’s because calm, care, and support are what most guys want when they are sick.

Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Rest

One of the best ways to get beyond the reach of illness is to get plenty of rest and sleep as much as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to relax. But as a wife, you can help a partner release some tension in the body by offering a full-body massage.

Not only can that calm and soothe. But it can help with many of the aches and pains associated with sickness, especially if the flu or virus is working its way through the body. 

Gently massaging the limbs and back can ease some of the soreness. Also, a massage can help the boyfriend relax the tension he’s holding in each area. That allows him to get a night of peaceful slumber. 

Ideally, while sleeping, the body has an opportunity to work towards healing. So the following day, a partner can wake up feeling somewhat more rejuvenated.

Being a non-supportive partner is not good for any relationship. So, make sure you help each other during difficult times, including problems and bad situations.

A care package can go a long way

If you find that you can’t get to your boyfriend’s place when he becomes ill, try to put together a care package with a few of the things he might need. A partner won’t do the best job taking care of himself, not like you would if you were there with him. 

Still, if you make sure to add little sticky notes with some guidance on how to take the remedies or maybe how to reheat some soup when to put the hot pad or ice pack on. Maybe your partner will put forth more of an effort to get better.

It will also be beneficial for your boyfriend if you call when you can’t get there to check on him periodically. Then, express empathy for what he’s experiencing and a desire to be there helping him out.

Knowing what to say when a loved one is ill is critical because sentiments can tremendously help when someone is feeling bad. 

You might not always know the exact best thing to say to make them feel better. But it’s essential to understand how to be sympathetic to their situation.

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Long-distance or self-imposed distancing

How can you take care of your sick boyfriend when you’re in a long distance? And is that the same as dealing with a husband who feels no good?

Suppose you’re in a long-distance relationship or find it necessary to impose distancing in an effort to avoid becoming ill yourself. In that case, there are still ways you can be available to your boyfriend. So, here are some tips on how you can take care of your sick husband or boyfriend in a long-distance relationship.

Virtual messaging is the ideal method for communicating when you aren’t actually able to see each other. With this technology, you can physically see how your partner is and what things need to be taken care of. 

It’s possible you can send assistance to help him with perhaps cleaning services. That includes a meal program that offers soups, delivery services that send groceries, and over-the-counter pharmacy products. You can do all these things to ensure he’s eating, remaining hydrated, and taking remedies while down. 

You can also send a care package with a fluffy blanket and nice comfortable pajamas.

How to make your sick boyfriend feel better over text

Now, think about social media messages. Of course, you can make your boyfriend feel better over text messages any time of the day. A priority will be to ensure that you text each day to find out how your man is doing first thing in the morning and then check on him before lying down for sleep at night. 

Seeing that phone text or message on Facebook or WhatsApp when a significant other wakes up with possible words of affirmation can mean a great deal when he feels terrible. Also, the act of texting can keep a partner’s mind off their circumstances. 

It further allows you to be comforting even though you’re not in the exact location with your boyfriend. That should make you feel somewhat better that you’re not able to be there helping in person physically. That would be your preference.


When your husband or boyfriend is sick, they often take their circumstances harder than their partners do when they become ill. It’s almost as though the guy is unsure how to handle being out of commission. That could perhaps be true. 

As their partner, we must do what we can to help navigate them through the illness and get them back on their feet. Sickness is not fun. It helps to have someone who cares about you, nurturing and comforting you while you’re down.

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