How to Find Someone on Tinder by Name

Many guys and girls sign up for dating sites or hookup apps like for many reasons. But for sure, there are always secret relationships, and that’s why it’s a good idea to learn how to find someone on Tinder by their name. That’s possible, but that needs some time if you have. Or try any of the search techniques that I’ll talk about in this guide.

How to search for someone on Tinder by name

Before learning how you can search for a person’s Tinder profile, I recommend making a shortlist of all the possible names and nicknames that your partner uses online. These details can help you find that secret account on Tinder without registering to the site or even logging in. But of course, if that’s not possible, then use other search techniques, as I’ll talk about them here.

Start with Tinder directly

It’s obvious that Tinder allows users to find people by location distance, and when they match each other, the site shows the profile and pictures of that person. But if you want to find your husband or partner on Tinder by name, then try this trick.

First, create a profile that should be fake, of course. You’re looking for someone on Tinder, so make sure you use a secondary phone number, not your real one. Otherwise, the site will store that number, and others will be able to find you with it.

Now, when you use a secondary email and number to register on Tinder, start building your profile. After that, try to be as close as possible to what your boyfriend is searching for. Focus on one region, which is the city where he lives actually or where he works. Then, change your age to something that the guy is possibly targeting, and finally, add a fake picture that’s attractive.

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Note: Users can block you from finding them on Tinder by their real name, number, or email. So, use different details to find them on the platform and bypass the blocking system.

After that, swipe profiles, and don’t go too fast because you may skip his profile for many reasons.

First of all, don’t expect to find your partner on Tinder using his real picture. Only a few guys do that to stay secretive. Second, you should definitely like every profile you suspect your man is behind. That’s how to maximize your search success and find his private Tinder profile as soon as possible.

After that, repeat the same swipe for a few days. Even if this may take some time, it can work, and lots of users prefer this strategy to uncover their partners’ secret accounts on Tinder.

Another approach

This is another unusual approach to searching for someone on Tinder when you know their first name only. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add the last name. So, here is how to search properly without logging into the site or having an account.

  1. First, open the Tinder homepage on your laptop or smartphone
  2. Add your partner’s first name plus his year of birth at the end of the Tinder URL, like the following example.
Finding people on Tinder through name

Don’t be surprised to find lots of people who don’t even know that others can find them by just putting their name in the URL bar. That’s how Tinder works; you can find people by their first name in a matter of seconds. But if there are many users on that name (which should be the case), then try to add the last name, separate, or add their year of birth.

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People who sign up for Tinder for the first time try to make their name as a username. But when that is not possible, they’ll try to tweak that name by adding the year, place, or other personal details. So, make sure you try this first.

Dedicated people search engines

When everything else stops you from finding someone on Tinder when you need to search by name, then you still have a more powerful option. In fact, many people-search systems like TruthFinder are dedicated to advanced search algorithms and lots of servers to crawl the web and find data. So, it’s not like Google or Yahoo, and the sites use multiple search tools at the same time.

As a result, users, just like you, can type a name and find the Tinder profile behind it. That’s how it works. But that won’t be 100% working for all the names you search for. If there is no account found on Tinder, then you can find Facebook or other sites in the search report.

The only challenge with these search engines is that most of them won’t show you any details that are up to date. But there are good options to view the social accounts and dating profiles that have been found recently. That’s why you should always use a good Tinder profile finder website that uncovers the account by the person’s name or other details.

When you see no account, search this time by email, phone number, or even the home address. These sites can find more details depending on what search entry the user prefers.

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Google has a larger database of websites and people than any other website or tool in the USA. But what’s even more exciting here is that you have the option to search for a specific person’s name, and even exclude regions, etc…

The advanced search version of Google comes with dozens of filters that anyone can use easily. There is no need to sign up for any site, and best of all, it’s free. So, to get a specific person’s account on Tinder, type their exact name in Google, followed by the website’s domain name like the following example:

allinurl: john OR john2022 OR another-name

As you can see, I added “allinurl:” to tell Google that I want to find the person’s account by any of those three names in the URL of the page. If you don’t want that search filter, just remove it. Also, separate the name by “OR” and always add “” just like that example. Otherwise, Google will show you any page with that name on thousands of pages.


Now you have an idea of how to find people on Tinder by name without registering to the site or even logging in. Best of all, what you can start the search with is only the first name of that guy or lady.

Take your time and read the search results carefully because you may easily find someone else’s account and not your partner or spouse. If you can’t find pages, adjust the name and ask yourself if the person has other abbreviations or numbers he likes to add when signing up for online accounts.

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