Finding out if husband has a secret Facebook account

How to Find out if your Husband has a Secret Facebook Account

Do you have doubts that your husband is hiding a secret Facebook account? And you need to know how to see that profile? In this guide, I’ll show you the best ways and tools to search for your partner on Facebook and uncover that possibly hidden profile. Men, like women, create secondary accounts on social …

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How to see if a phone number is spam

How to Check if a Phone Number is Spam

Is there any way to check if a phone number is spam? And what if the number looks normal, but it hides someone with annoying telemarketing offers or even a scam? Now, there is always a way to know if a person who is called, even if that happened in the past, is a Robot …

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Blocking someone on WhatsApp, Facetime or FB Messenger

How to Block Someone on FaceTime, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Nowadays, social media platforms are a great way to stay in touch and communicate with people. However, just like with anything on the internet, you need to take safety measures. There should be a way to stop receiving unwanted messages and calls. That is where the “block” feature comes in handy. Whether it’s a random, …

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Find out who’s behind random numbers texting you

Random Numbers Texted You? How to Find Out Who It’s?

Surprisingly, this is not uncommon, most of us receive text messages or even phone calls from people we don’t know with No Caller ID or fake numbers. These are often telemarketers or automated robocalls. That’s why you receive those texts with your name on them. However, sometimes these texts are sent by scammers. Accordingly, you need …

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Blocking Instagram messages

How to Block Messages on Instagram

Nowadays, you can connect with people from all over the world with just a touch of a button. Unfortunately, this also means getting exposed to the wrong kind of communication. So, to keep the social media experience pleasant or at least harmless, many platforms offer tools to protect you and your privacy.  In general, Instagram …

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Finding specific TikTok video you lost after app refresh

How to Find a TikTok Video you Lost After Refreshing

Watching videos on TikTok is addictive. You start with just one video, and before you know it, hours have passed, and you’re still on the app. With every video you watch, the TikTok algorithm gets better at guessing your interests and tastes. Accordingly, you will be shown more and more videos that you would want …

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